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Hand-made paper butterflies, by Linda Eve Diamond

Following are links to several poems, loosely organized by topic, published online. These include poems from my two poetry collections, The Human Experience (2007) and The Beauty of Listening (2013), and a small selection of newer poems. For more about the poetry collections, visit The Beauty of Listening Book Page and The Human Experience Book Page.


For the latest poetry publications, please visit Updates (and click here to find "A Moving Portrait" video poem).


(The poems on the cover page are A Brief Liography, This Is Not an Apple Poem (The Ekphrastic Review), Recomposition with Capital Letters (The Ekphrastic World), Art Becomes Her (The Ekphrastic Review) and Poem for Rent (Of Poets & Poetry)   



 ~ On Listening - at Listeners Unite
 ~ A Thin Line

 ~ The Problem with Interrupting (A Cautionary Tale)  ;)  
 ~ The King's Pawn (a three-dimensional poem of two perspectives)
 ~ The Doorway

 ~ The Elephant's Breakthrough (Shaped)   

 ~ Trial and Error - originally published by Tuck Magazine


Listening is a strong theme throughout many of my poems. Find more on the Updates page (including "A Musical Gift" and other poems read for the Dancing Poetry Festival. I've also included some of my own listening-themed poems and photographs in The Art of Listening,,, including  "The Apple in the Room," Time, After Hours," and a new poem, "Two Giant Onions,."  (That anthology is free and includes listening-themed works and insights from more than 60 inspiring contributors.)

 ~ Wrds - at Your Daily Poem
 ~ The Ordinary Life of Amazing
 ~ A Swell Time in 1929
 ~ The Cobbod Cold - at Morgen Bailey's Poetry Page

 ~ With Awl My Hart - E-Z Spelling, Barron's Educational Series

 ~ Morning with Time  

 ~ The Human Experience

 ~ Reflections 

 ~ Wasted Time  - at The RavensPerch

 ~ Meditation - at Spank the Carp Journal

 ~ Night with Time  - at Grey Sparrow Journal



 ~ The Novel
 ~ A Novel in Verse  

 ~ The Wrong Writing Circle - at Morgen Bailey's Poetry Page

 ~ Poem for Rent (in the form of a"For Rent" tear-sheet sign)

 ~ A Little Poet Tree (with Illustration)


 ~ Two Roses Reminisce (AKA "Last Days") (with Photograph)

 ~ "The Bow Frog (with Photograph)

 ~ Dog Day Dreams (with Photograph)

 ~ Gone Swimming (with Photograph)

 ~ The Last Printed Page (with Photograph)

 ~ Poetry on the Shelf  (a poem about book spine poetry)  (with Photographs) 

 ~ Sailing Through the Poetverse (a cento quoting poets from Sappho to Seuss)   

 ~ The Green Wheelbarrow - coming soon...

 ~ After Christmas 

         - (Poem also at Your Daily Poem here)

 ~ Snowed In - at Morgen Bailey's Poetry Page

 ~ Two Poets 

 ~ The Rings (Shaped)

 ~ Painting with You - at The RavensPerch

 ~ Night Flights: Amelia Earhart's Dreams *
 ~ Lunching with Helen

 ~ Fear of Being - at Your Daily Poem (introduction below)  **

 ~ The Secret Poetry of Common Nighthawks  (with Photograph)



Quoted by Florida's Poet Laureate, Peter Meinke, in this wonderful Poet's Notebook article: Drinking Cooperation.


** Selected by the editor of Your Daily Poem (YDP), Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, to feature on International Women's Day (2016). In addition to featuring a new poem each day, YDP sent subscribers links with special introductions. Here's Jayne's introduction to the poem, Fear of Being (shared with permission):  "Today is International Women's Day and I specifically chose Linda's poem because I want to remind every woman—and every man, for that matter—that your presence on this planet makes a difference. To be sure, some of us make a bigger difference than others, but you don't have to be a hero, a healer, a celebrity, a senator, or an activist to "make a footprint." You have no idea whose life you might impact, what path you may alter, what aspirations or achievements you might inspire. You? Yes, you. I hope you'll tuck Linda's last verse in your heart and whisper it aloud any time you have doubts about your purpose or value. I promise: you are here for a reason."  - Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

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