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PoemsThis page includes a selection of poems from my two collections and links to more recent poems that have been published online over the years. 

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Updates: In addition to sharing the latest publication updates, this is another poetry page. You'll find links the most recent poems published online, and selected poems that go back to 2018. 

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Poetry Books: Here you'll find my two poetry collections. (I've got more in the works, so please stay tuned!) 

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Poetry Videos: This is a new section that features "A Moving Portrait," includes a few older videos, and will hopefully have new ones going forward....    :) 

Poems on the homepage are A Brief Liography, This Is Not an Apple Poem (The Ekphrastic Review), Recomposition with Capital Letters (The Ekphrastic World), Art Becomes Her (The Ekphrastic Review) and Poem for Rent (Of Poets & Poetry). 

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