By Linda Eve Diamond 

Time was up before me

as usual.


“Good morning, Time,” I say.

“You were in my dream again.”


Time rushes by me, dashing as always

in that classic old second-hand suit. 


“Slow down,” I half-heartedly plead,

(as if Time would ever pause for a dream). 


I go on telling Time (for what it’s worth) 

about a world where all the clocks slowed down…


“In the dream, Time, you were relaxed, generous and kind.

I traveled, studied French, satisfied every aching desire.”


Time laughs in deep, rhythmic chimes

then looks wearily at me and sighs.


We walk in awkward silence    

to the kitchen. 


The table’s a mess of unfinished poems, 
travel brochures and unchecked lists.


“Coffee?” I ask Time, 

taking down a second cup.


“No,” Time replies. 


“And what does that mean?” I ask,

with an exasperatedsigh.


Time says,

          “I’m running out.” 

Morning with Time was originally published by Grey Sparrow Journal  (January 2017) and Snow Jewel (Issue 7, 2017). 

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