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  • I'm excited to have my new prose poem, "Epilogue to a Distant Marriage," inspired by Spirit by George Roux (France, 1885), in the new issue of Unbroken

  • Click here to find a new trailer for the free ebook: The Art of Listening: An Anthology of Listening-Themed Poetry and Visual Arts.

  • So I saw this concert... Join me for a visual listening experience at The Ekphrastic Review! This piece plays with the idea of listening to Georgia O'Keefe's Blue and Green Music and other musical paintings. Click here to enter the concert hall...  :) 

  • I'm happy to have another little fish photo added to the Carpwork Gallery

  • My poem, On Listening, and a photograph I took of two roses, with empathy in mind, are included in a beautiful, empathy-themed issue of Of Poets and Poetry. Find the issue here. (This poem is also included in my intro to the new, free, listening-themed anthology, The Art of Listening.)  




  • The Art of Listening anthology is available now! This free, listening-themed ebook includes artistry and insights from more than 60 inspiring contributors. Click here for the book page! (The Art of Listening is available both in ebook and pdf formats.)

  • Happy Holidays! Click here for a little holiday poet tree.  

  • Click here to see the final edition of Laurel Leaves poetry. I'm so thankful to have my poem, Time, After Hours, included.

  • Three of my poems have been honored with 2023 Artists Embassy International awards and I was honored to read them as part of the 30th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival, in Honor of Richard Angilly. To read the first of the three, A Musical Gift, and find a link to the recording of all three poems, click here.

  • For National Poetry Month, I was excited to have a poem included in this year's Poetry Walk in Dublin, California! My poem, Free Bird, was one of 25 on poems displayed around the city throughout April, with each one marked on a Poetry Walk Map. 

  • I have a little poem about layers, which I blended with an onion photograph. This visual poem, Scaling the Onion, is included in the latest beautiful edition of Wild Roof Journal

  • My video poem, A Moving Portrait (a poem blended with the visual artistry that inspired it) is now being shown at Sabine Street Studios in Houston!  The show, LOCI, Varied Expressions of the Line, which runs from Feb. 11 - March 11, 2023, includes painting, sculpture, printmaking and more. 

  • Ponder over the beautiful writing and artistry of Ponder Review's current issue (Volume 6, Issue 2), and you'll see my photo, Small World Meditation on the cover and another one of my photos inside. Find both photos, along with another meditative photo, in my latest newsletter: Listening, Pondering, and New Photos.

  • Look for The Art of Listening anthology, featuring more than 50 poets and visual artists, later this year! 


  • Listen to Six Poets Reciting, on the December Episode of The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast, to hear readings of my poems Hope and The Twittering MachineEach of these is based on painting. (To find the paintings and text of both poems, together with the podcast link, click here.) 

  • River of Stars, edited by Judy Hardin Cheung, is a beautiful new anthology, featuring works by Poets of the Vineyard. I'm thankful to have been invited to write a section introduction and to have several poems included. This collection received a 2022 Artists Embassy International Literary Cultural Arts Award.

  • Find a delicious Citrus Solstice by Elizabeth Kuelbs and my latest poem, Rusty, at HOOT Review.   

  • My little poem on the "F" word is in the latest issue of Network by The International Women's Writing Guild. I hope you enjoy the full issue. Find the poem here

  • My poem, Chromatic Harmonies, has been honored with a an Artists Embassy International Award and I was thankful to have the opportunity to read again at the Dancing Poetry Festival. Find the poem and links here

  • Check out the latest issue of Thema Literary Journal, with a Watch the Birdie! theme! You'll see my new photo: Watch the Birdie: Studio Shot, created for the theme. Click here to find this issue of Thema

  • Please visit the homepage at to see my new poem, On Listening and find new listening-themed poetry prompts at the website, too. I hope you enjoy them!

  • The new anthology, River of Stars, includes many of my poems, some published for the first time, and I also enjoyed writing one of the section introductions. This beautiful collection is edited by Judy Hardin Cheung, and I'm so thankful to be included.

  • Visit the Florida State Poets Association website to see all that they offer and you'll also find even more of my Florida photos on the masthead throughout the site (as new ones were added for the new year).  

            Coming in 2023: A Free Listening-Themed Anthology— "The Art of Listening"! (More on that soon...)  :)


  • I'm excited to have a poem in a local exhibit: Celebrating the Art of Painting, Sculpture & Poetry, which featured paintings by Jean Banas alongside poetry and sculptures inspired by her works. Find the poem, Vespa (shared from the exhibit brochure, on my Facebook page. Find a video about the exhibit, with some of the artists, here (including Marc Davidson reading his poem and mine here).  

  • Of Poets & Poetry cooked up a section of cooking-related poetry for the November/December issue. I'm happy to have some photographs and a recipe poem included. Of Poets & Poetry is a publication of Florida State Poets Association. Find this and other OPAP issues here

  • My poem, Art Beats was honored with an Artists Embassy International Award. Find the poem text here and the reading here, during Act 1 of the 28th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival, which is entirely online this year at Youtube. (Here are the links to the full festival: Act 1 Act 2.)

  • Looking back on a long-ago visit, I wrote a poem that's a love letter to Rome. I'm so thankful to have my Dear Rome letter posted by Anders Dahlgren as part of Mediterranean Poetry: an odyssey through the mediterranean world

  • I'm honored that my poem, A Thin Line, won the National Federation of State Poetry Societies Founders Award - 1st Place. In addition my poem, Light Fades, was selected for 3rd Place and a third was selected for Honorable Mention. A Thin Line and Light Fades are published in Encore: Prize Poems 2021. 

  • Check out the latest issue of The Light Ekphrastic! This innovative journal publishes in pairs. For this issue, I wrote a new poem inspired by the work of photographer, Joann Field, and she took a new photograph inspired by one of my poems. Both poems and photos are published together here.

  • My little Autobiography of a Mouse, a new flash fiction, has found a beautiful home at Crack the Spine

  • What a HOOT! My Scents of Thyme is the poem featured as the latest postcard publication by HOOT!  The poem is available as a postcard both online and in print and also as a recording at the website. Visit HOOT: a postcard review of {mini} poetry and prose.

  • My poem Morning with Time, was just republished in Catch the Moon, a special anniversary collection by Grey Sparrow Press! What a thill to be included in such a special collection. 

  • A little papier-mâché Bluebird of Happiness I made and photographed in a floral setting is on the cover of the April issue of Pithead Chapel

  • A Moving Portrait was honored with a  REELpoetry award at the 2021 Reel Poetry International Poetry Film and Video Festival! New: Click here to see "A Moving Portrait"!

  • The Two Sisters, a poem based on by Théodore Chassériau (France, 1843), was published as one of several creative responses to the painting by The Ekphrastic Review. 

  • Fish Story was selected as a Spank the Carp Ekphrasis Challenge winner and is featured in the latest issue as part of the journal's Mind of the Poet series. 

  • The Octopus Poet, O, and Quilted Seascape Dreams - three new poems included in Fresh Fish: Textile Artists and Poets Explore Underwater Life, a new book by Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) - Find more about this book at the SAQA website and find the book on Amazon

  • Poems & Photographs on Hope - In Of Poets & Poetry's January/ February issue, editor Mark Andrew James Terry collected "voices of hope" and I'm excited to have photographs and a new poem, Evening News, included in this inspiring issue. (Of Poets & Poetry is a Florida State Poet's Association publication. The link will take you to the free pdf. You can also find a beautiful print edition on Amazon.) 

    ~ Visit the FSPA website to see all that they offer and you'll also find some of my Florida 
    photos on the masthead throughout the site.  :)

Selected 2020 PUBLICATIONS:​​




  • I'm thrilled to share with you that my poem, Lost Gloves, was honored with a Grand Prize Award in the Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Contest! The poem was interpreted and performed by Richard and Natica Angilly's Poetic Dance Theater Company at the 26th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival! Click here to see the poem, Lost Gloves, along with photos of the Dancing Poetry performance. 

    (The poem, Notes (later published in this linked page from Of Poets & Poetry), was also awarded a First Prize and was read at the Dancing Poetry Festival.) 

  • Surreally Good Apple - Published as an Al Laster Memorial Award winner in Encore: Prize Poems 2019 (an anthology of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies)

  • You Don't Say...? - Poets Reading the News 


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