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The Bow Frog, was inspired by the photograph below: Which Way to Carnegie Hall? by David Bowers.


By Linda Eve Diamond

Music, itself, wears a mask and plays
at the Venetian carnival masquerade.

Sounds of pleasure, song and soul
enchant old violins, body and bow.

Leading to the great crescendo…

The ebony bow frog breathes and turns green,
perched on his bow log, he starts to dream.

Then he hops a quick staccato jig on the strings,
makes up his own little ribbity ditty and sings.

Inspiring life with its charms and masquerades,
music delights to see the bow frog dance away.

The Bow Frog ©2016 Linda Eve Diamond


This little bow frog comes to life in "The Bow Frog" poem by Linda Eve Diamond. - Photograph by David Bowers

Photo: Which Way to Carnegie Hall? © David Bowers

~  The Bow Frog received a Flagler County Art League People's Choice Poetry Award in 2016.  ~


ekphrastic poetry

From the Flagler County Art League's Newsletter

 (with David holding up The Bow Frog poem)  :)

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