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Welcome to my new Poetry Videos page! This is just a start, featuring "A Moving Portrait," and you'll find more video links here going forward. In the meantime, I'll be putting up some older videos I played with several years ago (with placeholders there for now). I hope you enjoy them!


(The links below will bring you to full pages that include both the full-size videos and text.) 

New Videopoem - 2021


Enter the world of a "Moving Portrait," inspired by the video artistry a of Matvey Rezanov.  "I dream of a new scene—a wash, a fresh start..."  


~ Winner of two REELpoetry International Video & Poem Festival awards

Poetry Video with Animated Text


"I and You" - a short story about two characters named I and You.

(Posting soon...) 

Experimental Flash & Video


The Problem with Interrupting (A Cautionary Tale). ;) 

(Posting soon...) 

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