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The Art of Listening

A Free, Listening-Themed Anthology of Poetry & Visual Arts

The Art of Listening: An Anthology of Listening-Themed Poetry and Visual Arts is a free ebook with poetic contributions and insights from more than 60 inspiring artists

This collection includes poems by John Fox, founder of the Institute for Poetic Medicine; cartoons by Leigh Rubin; photographs from The Human Library; an interview with Willard Wigan; poems by three Listener Poets of The Good Listening Project, collective poems by Merna Ann Hecht, from Stories of Arrival: Refugee and Immigrant Youth Voices Poetry Project; poems and visual arts by members of The International Listening Association; listeners who use poetry as a healing art; listeners who shared their artistry for the first time; and so much more! To see contributor bios, click here.

(To make this book a free offering, it's published exclusively in digital form and it's not available through online booksellers, which typically charge a minimum price.) 


This book is available in both EPUB and PDF formats. Each has advantages and limitations. Choose either one (or both). Enjoy!  :)

  • EPUB: Advantage: Has the look of a traditional book Limitations: (1) Not searchable (2) No live links 

  • PDF: Advantages: Content is searchable and links are clickable.  Limitations: Document rather than book layout 

(I was unable to link all formats here. The PDF link will take you to my new free Patreon page, where you'll find both downloads—The Art of Listening ebook and The Art of Listening pdf—in one place.)


Click here to download a flyer that includes the names of all contributors, the book page link, and a QR code.

Book Cover - The Art of Listening -

On the cover: A, Microscopic Sculpture by Willard Wigan

EPUB will download in a Zip File. Double click to open.  :)

This link will take you to another page.  :)

"When scrolling through this exquisitely designed online anthology, I become aware that Linda Eve’s keen attention is given with freshness to each page of this anthology—so that the page vibrates with life-force and brings honor to each individual expression." 

 - John Fox, founder of The Institute for Poetic Medicine

- from The Poetic Medicine Journal (2023) -  Click here to find the full review. 

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