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"A Musical Gift," a poem written in loving memory of Mira Prabhu, was honored with a 2023 Artists Embassy International Award, along with the poems,  "Their Voices Carry On" and "Escape Artists." Below this poem, find a link to a reading of all three poems at The 30th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival

A Musical Gift

by Linda Eve Diamond  


From a centered seat, one voice 

started softly singing.


All around her, a hush began to gather

as everyone leaned in for this gentle offering. 


Her voice, a rose, in bloom, blossomed, filling the room

with soft waves, sound petals, reaching out, touching 


swirling and embracing us, with astonishing grace

drifting to a sacred hush, as we listened still to feel


the resounding sounds, the last note rounding, lingering, 

slowly fading as it floated, as we listened for the magical


mystical, vibrational vanishing point 

where a heightened silence falls


giving way to rising sounds of awe and rain,

connection, affection, and shared appreciation 


for the power of one

oving voice.

Click below to be redirected to Youtube, to see the readings of "A Musical Gift," Their Voices Carry On," and "Escape Artists." 

Dancing Poetry Screen Shot.png

To find the text of the poem, "Their Voices Carry On," click here.

To see the full 2023 festival,  find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. 

Mira Prabhu, who inspired the poem, "A Musical Gift," by Linda Eve Diamond

My beautiful friend, Mira Prabhu, who was the central figure in the story told in this poem.


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