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A flipped image of trees reflecting in the water

I'm so excited that Reflective Perspectives was selected for the cover of Cadence and I love what the editor, Gary Broughman, had to say about it: "Readers will notice the front cover has an impressionistic quality caused by the irregular surface of the water on which the scene is reflected. It seemed appropriate for these times in which life in general appears to be out of focus."


In addition to the impressionistic qualities of the reflection, there's a bit of surrealism and people have asked if it was photoshopped. So I'd like to share, for anyone interested, that it's a reflection, as I saw it, with a twist. I just turned the image up-side down and cropped it in a way that left some mystery around the edges.  

Find the Cadence cover and a few other reflections below. (Click on photos to see them in full size.)

I hope you enjoy these reflective perspectives.  :)

~  REFLECTIVE PERSPECTIVES was selected for the cover of Cadence 2020. ~

Reflective Perspectives: Cadence 2020 Anthology Cover

Reflective Perspectives: A Broader View

Soft Morning Reflections

Wind-Brushed Water Colors

Nature's Brush Strokes

Long View of a Flipped Perspective

A Surrealist's Impressionistic Walkway

Cadence 2020 is the annual anthology of Florida State Poets Association. To learn more about Cadence, click here

To learn more about FSPA, click here.  Please also visit my Updates page to find other new poetry and photography publications and to join my mailing list for occasional updates

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