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The Following poem, Art Beats, was honored with a 2021 Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Award and read at the 28th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival. Find the festival at Youtube and the link to the Art Beats reading here.  

Linda Eve Diamond reading, over Zoom, at The Dancing Poetry Festival


By Linda Eve Diamond

Art beats drum with the pulse of beating hearts as poems, spoken and sung, 
breathe and flow, light the soul—through screens and pages, streets and stages…


Flowing through streams of voices floating free verse—beating paths back to the beat 
of the beats, back through the ancients, to the first pulse of poetry’s eternal heartbeat 


Rhyming, at times, like nursery rhymes, lullabies—all the magical musical poetry 
we loved so naturally from the start—as words sang and danced with our young hearts


Weaving metaphors—some passing through, seen or heard by a few, read in coffee shops, 
chalked on sidewalks—some so adored, we all wear them out into soft, thin clichés


Tapping into poetry of thoughts, feelings, sounds—the chatter and the clatter, the fight, 
the fright, the light of hope—the hum and the drum, the quiet beauty of the humdrum


Floating with wind hushes and stream rushes, the silence of clouds and stones, 

the concert of birds that sing and coo as leaves dance and clap  


Listening, as someone everywhere scribbles in notebooks, taps on keyboards—striking chords, reaching out and reaching in—so much we need to say, so much we need to hear


Tuning in to the pulses of expression, new voices ever-joining—writing, reading, rhyming, 
singing, howling, slamming, jamming, enjambing 


Chiming in to the open-source global poem, adding our own sounds to the spiral-bound 
spinning rounds of voices in this open book of songs, stories, poetry


Opening our inner worlds to the universe of sound perspectives waving in from every shore 
as we walk through the sand—expanding ourselves—feeling our own little shells… cracking…


Art Beats was first published as a National Federation of State Poetry Societies award winner in Encore: Prize Poems: 2018

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