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"Their Voices Carry On" was honored with a 2023 Artists Embassy International Award, along with the poems,  "A Musical Gift" and "Escape Artists." Find "Their Voices Carry On" below, followed by a link to the reading of this poem at the Dancing Poetry Festival.

Their Voices Carry On

by Linda Eve Diamond  



~ The last line of this poem is a quote
from It, by Inner Christensen. ~ 



 The voices of great writers live on

through their monumental visions


 moving, etched in stone, stored in clouds    

while we visit and revisit their worlds


their words, their favorite haunts,

their homes, their gardens, their stones


feeling for traces of their presence,            

their lines spiraling as flowering vines


shining lifelines through space and time,

their voices chiming through the wind


while we recite inspiring words as prayers,

write them in guidebooks, draw them as maps  


  immersing in verses that paint visionary scenes

    of possibilities, with such a magical brush we feel


         we can touch them, imagine embracing a vivid ideal  

                      “till some begin to build a city soft as a body”… 

Click here to go straight to the reading of " Their Voices Carry On." (You'll be redirected to the Dancing Poetry Festival's Youtube video.)

To see all three poems, beginning with "A Musical Gift, click the image below... 

Dancing Poetry Festival Reading.png



Find the text of "A Musical Gift" here.

Find the text of "Escape Artists," here.


~ To see the full 2023 festival,  find Act 1 here and Act 2 here. 

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