Iguana Portrait
Smiling Golden Dragonfly
Good morning, Sunshine! :)
Shining Peacock
Bird Yoga:
Downward Facing Bird
Advanced Bird Yoga:
Soft Spring Flower Pose
(for gentle petal feather flow) :)
Bluebird of Happiness  :)
Egyptian Gosling
(Six Weeks Old)
New Wings :)
Great Egrets
The Littlest Great Egret
(The last to hatch is the weakest and rarely survives among its competitive siblings.)
Blue & Gold Macaw
Key Deer
(Florida Keys)
First Kiss
(Florida Keys)
Pacman Frog
Gargoyle Gecko
The Blink of an Eye
A Delicate Balance
Common Nighthawk
Camouflaged by Leaves
(Hint: Look for the red eye.)
Click link for poem...
Wild Dog  ;)
Click the link to find this dog's day dreams in a poem...
Wood Stork
Long-Tailed Finch
Little Blue Heron Nest
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
Winging It Together
Dreaming Manatee
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