Two Silhouettes
A Dance Hall for Shadow & Light
Light Meditation, in Stone
Crystal Rain
View from Inside a Redwood Tree
The Last Printed Page
From "The Beauty of Listening" - (Click link for poem)...
Moving Meditation
Quiet stillness, so moving
Buddha likes to do it
on wheels.
Conch Meditation
Featured in "Cadence Anthology 36"
Frozen in Time
Home in the Clouds
Sunset Serenade
Soft Floral
Flowering Heart
Shining Shasta
A Little Poet Tree
For a little poet tree poem, click the link below...
From The Meadow of Poems
(flower from "The Beauty of Listening" - petal pages from "The Human Experience")
Floral Breeze
Solar Lighting   :)
Street Lamp
Sun Lamp
Wish Tree
Peace Wish
Wish Tree Leaf
Pearl of Wisdom
Goodnight, Sun
—sings the Lullaby Bird,
as she carries her sun to bed.
Little Bear at Sunset
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