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The following poem, Chromatic Harmonies, was honored with a 2022 Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Award and read at the 29th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival. Find the festival at Youtube and the link to the Chromatic Harmonies reading here.  

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By Linda Eve Diamond

Dark night, cool clouds,

jazz band slowly warming up.


We don’t expect much—

then light jazz takes a turn


turning on the jazz lights

rising up, taking shape


as a soothing tonic key opens up

the bridge between sound and sight


with bright chromatic harmonies

filled with prismatic possibilities


arrangements rearranging

variations taking flight


inversions inspiring a sense

of harmonically lit synesthesia


chords ascending and turning to gold 

notes twinkling like a string of bulbs


all the winds swirling blues into spirals

piano notes scrolling a rolling cloud


the drums beating a lively pulse

emoting floating images to life


while faint visions of musicians

side-slip into softly lit silhouettes


aglow and nearly afloat with the notes

as if striking such a chord they blend


and transcend appearing as if they 

were composed by the music.


Chromatic Harmonies was first published as part of a creative pairing through The Light Ekphrastic journal. While this poem was being written, in response to a poem by Joann Field, she was creating a photo in response to another poem of mine.

Find our collaborative page at The Light Ekphrastic -  Field & Diamond.

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