Autumn Splash is a photo from Armstrong Woods in Northern California. The colors are altered and enchanced for an art show's color splash theme, with redwoood trees and yellow leaes splashing into the blue sky.

I took this photo in the Armstrong Redwoods Reserve and worked with the colors to enhance the reds of the redwoods and the feel of autumn leaves splashing into the sky. Can you hear the rustling leaves? Or does it look more like paint splashes?  Either way, I hope you enjoy its bright colors and natural design.


I was excited to share this in the Color Splash show and especially surprised and delighted for the recognition, as this was my first time entering a photograph in an art show.   :)

~  AUTUMN SPLASH won an Award of Distinction at Flagler County Art League's "Color Splash" Show.  ~ 

Find my other entries below—and a photo with jeff, enjoying the show. 

(Click on photos to see them in full size.) 

Color Splash at Show
Sunflower Splash
What Blue Popsicle?
Red Leaf Bird
Color Splash with Jeff
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Red Leaf Bird

When I first saw this splash of red, at a distance on a foggy day, I thought it was a bird... no, a leaf... no, a bird... and it was nearly impossible to tell for sure. Even the markings on this red leaf were dark where shadows of eyes and wings would be and it seemed to even have forked tail feathers.