Poems by Linda Eve Diamond


"No one will ever describe Linda Eve Diamond as a 'diamond in the rough.' Careful readers of her latest collection of poems will discover, Linda Eve is at her best. Like diamonds that are measured and valued by their cut, carats, color, and clarity Linda Eve Diamond’s latest book, The Beauty of Listening, is priceless. Her poetic cut provides brilliancy of thought and reflection to serve every reader. Like carats her every poem can be weighed and valued. The Beauty of Listening illustrates a profound range of color to enrich any and every reader. Last but not least, Linda Eve Diamond writes with flawless clarity. As a result, The Beauty of Listening is a treasure trove of 63 poems that will profit anyone wise enough to make the investment. For within and beyond the beauty of Linda Eve Diamond’s poems lies the opportunity to stretch your mind and wiggle your ears. Who could ask for more?"

—LYMAN K. "MANNY" STEIL, Chairman & CEO, International Listening Leadership Institute & Communication Development, Inc.

Linda Eve Diamond's poetry in The Beauty of Listening sweeps me off my feet — her funny (yet dead serious) musings on the fate of the word amazing, her ardent eavesdropping into the secret lives of paper dolls, her still, quiet verses that speak volumes. The book itself is as beautiful as the poems within.”

FRED DUBOSE, Editorial Director, Reader's Digest General Books (ret.)

A lovely volume of work by Linda Eve Diamond! Here you will meet people and places and learn about life. Here you will be the confidante, the best friend, the lucky one who makes the rounds with her through a philosophical and poetical analysis of life in general—and listening, in particular.  This collection is remarkable in its breadth of subject matter, style and relevance to today's world. Just Passing Through is an elegant tribute to the overall tone of the book: we are here, but are we really?”

—ANASTASIA CLARK, Broward County, Florida, Poet-in-Residence

Listening is the glue that binds people together,  builds, maintains and strengthens relationships. Linda’s The Beauty of Listening explains, in the graceful ways of poetry, many of the disparate facets of listening... from the changing meaning of words to the problem with interruption... from the self-focused ear to one’s inner listening for sounds of love. This compilation of extraordinary poems should be required reading for all who are human because it reminds us that we hear with our ears, but we listen with mind, heart and soul.”

—ALAN R. EHRLICH, President, International Listening Association & Founder/President, The Center for Listening Disorders Research

Linda Eve Diamond has, if it is possible, bettered her first book of poetry The Human Experience and in doing so bettered the human experience through her understanding of listening.  This is more than a collection of poems; these verses are an immediate touchstone to the intuition disclosing how we know we are listening; and, more urgently, uncovers when we are not.  I intend to spend a good deal of reverie around these insights.” 

—JERRY CATT-OLIASON, adjunct/lecturer of listening courses and workshops, Communication Dept., Boise State University (Jerry has been an innovative developer & teacher of listening courses & workshops for 10 years.)

“How I love The Beauty of Listening! It was a delight to delve into each section. I felt like I was giving myself an extra treat each time I sat down to read a few poems. I love Linda's humor, her delicious use of words and design. She truly listens with her heart and lets it come forth in words that inspire, amuse, cause one to wonder, sometimes puzzle, and always appreciate her skill.”

—KAY LINDAHL, CLP, Author of The Sacred Art of Listening
Kay added, “Two of my favorites are Best Friends and The Rings. I can so relate to them!” :)

Linda Eve Diamond’s latest book of poetry, The Beauty of Listening, offers a beauty all its own … to those who will listen. Carefully. The collection is a call for a more human world, a place where people recognize that attention must be paid. In our high-tech, Twitterized society, we are slipping away from the intimate contact that is so essential to be fully human. The Beauty of Listening invites us to discover that hidden humanity.”

—ROBERT SPENCER KNOTTS, author and founder of The Humanity Project

Listening and love are like twin sisters and this idea shines through the poems in this collection. It is amazing that–though times and styles have changed–this truth can be detected from so many different perspectives.”

—DR. MARGARETE IMHOF, Professor of Educational Psychology & Past President of the International Listening Association

Be prepared for a marvelous journey, ranging from the whimsical to the deep. Enjoy the land of playfulness, then enter the land of the profound and back again. We are treated to an array of visual and lyrical delights. Take your time, savor the unexpected, words buried in words, charmed and delighted by joy and humor. Be disturbed by the depths of love and loss, despair and anguish. Amelia Earhart is aptly metaphorized in this work. Like Amelia, Linda is adventurous, brave and daring. She explores in ways others don’t. She takes chances, experiments with different modes, hits edges of space. She soars like the paper doll that she folded into the form of an airplane to explore heights and depths of all aspects of emotional life in her own unique nuanced way. The Beauty of Listening is fun to read. Soar with her.”

—DR. EMILY KRESTOW, PhD, Psychoanalyst


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The Beauty of Listening

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